1965-66 Buck Tag Information

Buck tags were used in 2 plants during 1965-1966 Mustang production. Dearborn used them first then Metuchen however I have only seen the Metuchen ones. San Jose never used the buck tag system. The buck tags purpose was to notify line worker that some hole or modification needed to happen during assembly on the shell or sheet metal. Some codes as of yet remain to be decoded.

 C/O (looks like % in place of the D) is for Customer Order


Code Decode
4 SPEED Factory installed 4 speed manual transmission
AIR COND Factory installed air conditioning
BS  (65 only) Unknown, something only in 65  (Seat Belts)
CLEAR Clear Windshield
HP High Performance emblem
K (65 only) Unknown, something only in 65  (Backup Lights)  All the bucks I have seen that had this code had backup lights which were a option in 65
PI  or  PIO GT Options, Performance Image Option
RM Remote mirror
STEREO 8 track player and door speakers
TINT Tinted Glass

? = letter or number

Various convertible top combinations e.g. manual or auto white or black
V8  or V-8 289 emblem

? = number

Various vinyl top combinations
WL Warning light
X Export

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